Explore the Ocean, without extra charges.

Hookah is a mix between snorkeling and scuba diving. You don´t need any type of certification and there is no need to carry any heavy equipment on your back. Connected to a simple tube that provides air you can snorkel and go for a dive without the necessity to come to the surface for air.


Minimum age 10 years old.

Prices are in USD (US Dollars) and Taxes are included.
Exchange rate is the current at DOF.


* We reserve the right of changing or canceling activities schedules due to extreme weather conditions.
* We have a 24-hour cancel/change policy. No show is full charge.
* Prices subject to change without previous notice.
* Please note that Children from 3 - 6 years old are allowed to take part for this activity ONLY in PRIVATE Expeditions and as long as parents sign a document where they assume responsibility of bringing them on board with them.

RESTRICTIONS (Cannot go on Board):
* Expectant mothers and children under 3 years old.